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Fran - reviewed 4 years ago

Dear Kai,

Previously I was drifting around break even and I think I was entering trades at inopportune locations, however, now because of your training, I have mastered the art of managing risk nicely and don't feel scared to do that while trading size.  You are the first and only person that I have met that really knows what they are talking about in trading. Thanks for coming over from the institutional side to the retail traders side.

Nachi S. - reviewed 4 years ago

Kai Whitney was one of my earliest mentors, and to this day, I consider him as one of the more influential people that I've met in the business. I believe a lot of my success as an institutional trader comes from the time he generously spent with me early on.

Nachi S.

Executive Director

J.P.Morgan Global Cash Equities

Adam Schaffer - reviewed 4 years ago

I came across Kai Whitney via my research of supply and demand studies.  The auction market theory that Kai was offering to mentor me in was the most logical, facts oriented trading program I have come across.  I started with Kai in August of 2017. In less than 3 months I have made 3x the course fees. It was not all pretty and when it wasn’t Kai was right there to teach me from my mistakes.  Kai’s willingness to teach what he learned from the best of the best in the trading world to me in a 1 on 1 forum is something I am truly grateful for. His winning personality and positive energy make him the best mentor I could have asked for.  If you have the opportunity to learn from him I suggest you take it and never look back.

If you are thinking of taking his class or have any questions please call or email me at schaff26@aol.com

-Adam Schaffer

N.S. - reviewed 4 years ago

As a graduate of Kai's mentoring program, I want to share with you a recent trade I took in the NQ  so you can see some of the results I'm getting.  

I understand that you may have hesitation in spending money on "another course", I as certainly did!  I had purchased several courses, indicators, and systems prior to purchasing Kai's. I knew I needed to take action, however, because otherwise I would continue to give money to the market, or I would have to stop trading all together - which was NOT an option in my mind!  

Since purchasing Kai's program, I've realized that the market is much less random than I had thought.  I've learned how to find where the market will likely go, and where it will likely turn. I've learned that analyzing the bigger time frame picture, and seeing where the institutional money flow is, is key to short term day trading.  I've been able to minimize my losses, and know where to take/protect my profits. And, I've learned when to just stay out of the market!

When I started with Kai, I had let him know, that it was my longer term goal to open a live trading room where I could help others to become consistently profitable.  Kai has been very supportive of this goal of mine from the start! He really is "One of the good guys!".

Manish - reviewed 4 years ago


It was very nice to meet you in person and It was my pleasure to have you as my mentor. In the last 20 years, I’ve come across so many human beings and realized VERY FEW are there who supports your good and really want you to be successful. You are one of them.

I have seen few good traders but they were not good mentors. Some were decent mentors but seemed like they were only theoretical and never traded with real money. You are a rare find, a person who has both skills and more importantly, you are willing to share them.

I now have more confidence in my trading and I always feel that you've got my back so I can come to you and discuss my trades when they are not correct. This is a marathon for me and It will take its own time but I’m going to crack it no matter what, thanks to you.